Are you looking to sell or rent out your property?

We understand that this can be very stressful and it is important to choose the right agent, not only to find you a buyer or tenant for your property, but also to guide you through the entire process.

This is why you should entrust Office in Malta Real Estate.

  • EXPERIENCE. over 50 years of experience allows us to determine the right price of your property and gives you the confidence that we are knowledgeable and professional estate agents.
  • WE ARE GOOD AT WHAT WE DO. Our trained sales and letting property consultants match applicants with properties on a daily basis and have learnt to determine the right buyer for the right property.
  • TRUSTED ADVICE. Our advice is based on other similar properties that are available for sale at the present time, recently sold properties that are comparable to your property and any prevailing market conditions. We will also advise you about any changes that can be done to maximise the value of your property.
  • WE STAY IN TOUCH. We will update you in a timely manner with feedback from any recent viewings and throughout the entire sale or rental process.
  • ENTHUSIASM. We are passionate about selling or renting your property and our positive approach is reflected when showing your property to prospective buyers.


The following standard fees apply when making use of our services:

In the case of a property sale, our remuneration would consist of 5% (plus 18% VAT of the sale value of the property sold. This is paid by the vendor.
When the property would have been registered with us as a sole agency, the commission rate is of 3.5% (instead of 5%).

In the case of a property rental, a full month’s rent (plus 18% VAT) would be applicable. Half a month’s rent is paid by the landlord, whilst the other half is paid by the tenant.


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